Version 1.07c Beta Now Available

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Version 1.07c Beta Now Available

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La 1.07 ajoute toutes les commandes avec des ajouts sur l'interface, vous pouvez commander votre sous marins sans aucun raccourcis clavier.

Reste a attendre la version française devrait arriver

Cold Waters - Killerfish Games
Version 1.07c is a major re-working of the combat user interface and finishing of crew voices.

Major features:
Toolbars - contain buttons for just about every keyboard command.
Tooltips - reduce the need to memorise keys, making it easier for new players to get a handle on the controls of their submarine.
Set Course/Depth - controls to automatically bring your submarine to a specific heading or depth (including periscope depth).
Expandable Log - scroll through all messages received in combat.
Crew Voices - detailed crew voices with volume slider now available under Options.
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Re: Version 1.07c Beta Now Available

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Une bonne vidéo sur youtube :]